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The world has changed and the discovery into how, why and who begins now.

A 3rd Crusade was issued and the Christendom expanding. The Jihad declared and the Prophets reach expanding. A clash with the world in between.

The world changed – ripped the heavens apart with the world caught in the middle. Is God dead, so many people gone missing and so many more… Changed? The darkest of ages begins; an age of absolute mystery, terror and discovery.

Churches can’t control the fear and must lead the charge for tolerance and discovery. Those of little power claim what they can and the bold discover new forms of power. Their are rumors of creatures walking the land which previously walked in the dreams of man-kind.

Humanity is not alone and seemingly divided by the Change into other things; some less human, some changed physically and others still more adept at this new world and the realities it brings.

Governments and the idea of nations are the brink of dissolution and new groups are forming based on the Changed, faith, ideology and magic. There are unexplained creatures and new powers chipping away the fragile trust of humanity; know one knows who is trustworthy or what the intentions of these new groups really are. Chaos reigns; history is written with each passing day and no one knows how the next chapter reads.

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A Scared New World jibalduf